Disposable Medical Coverall (Level 4) - L size 170cm

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Manufacturer: Hunan Yourfield Special Protective Equipment
Pack Size: 1 unit(s)

Buy disposable emergency medical coveralls to protect the head, arms, hands, torso, legs and feet from moisture, bacteria, blood, bodily fluids, germs, particulate matter and more, including those that may transmit COVID-19. Protect your patients and employees against harmful materials and place your order today! You can make your purchases by phone via one of our customer service representatives, or you can securely order your desired products via our website.

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What are disposable emergency medical coveralls?

Disposable emergency medical coveralls cover the entire body and are resistant to moisture, bacteria, blood, bodily fluids, germs, particulate matter and more. They are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE-certified and intended for use by medical professionals.

What are the features of disposable emergency medical coveralls?

  • Non-woven fabric: durable, breathable and comfortable
  • Elastic headwear, ankles, waist
  • Resistant to surface moisture
  • Anti-static
  • Flame retardant

How does this product work?

The coverall’s durable and breathable non-woven fabric and elastic closures effectively protects the wearer from air particulates, microbes, contaminants, and fluids.

What are disposable emergency medical coveralls made of?

  • Non-woven fabric
  • Elastic

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do disposable emergency medical coveralls last?

Coveralls must be disposed of after coming into contact with contaminants.

What are some important safety tips to follow when using this product?

In order to maximize the efficiency of the disposable emergency medical coverall, ensure that it is fitted and worn correctly.

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