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Skin boosting treatment for early signs of aging
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Pack Size: 1 pre-filled syringe
Strength: 1ml
Manufacturer: Allergan
Origin: Europe

Active Composition: Hyaluronic acid gel (13.5 mg/mL); Mannitol (9 mg/mL).
Volume & Packaging: 1x1 mL pre-filled syringe.
Manufacturer: Allergan, Inc.
Origin: Europe.
Accessory: Two sterile 30G1/6” needles. Package insert. A set of labels in order to ensure traceability.
Storage Conditions: Store between 2℃ and 25℃ . Fragile.
Note: Sterile packaging.


JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ is a sterile apyrogenic, physiological solution of hyaluronic acid gel which is not of animal origin. JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ is a solution indicated for use in improving skin hydration and elasticity by multi-injection into the dermal epidermal junction and into the superficial dermis. This product is intended to be injected slowly into deep dermis, subcutaneously, or in the upper periostea by an authorized medical practitioner in accordance with local applicable regulation. It is recommended not to repeat treatments more frequently than every 15 days.

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Who sells JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ at the lowest online wholesale prices?

JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ is a great way for your patients to improve the texture of their neck, decolletage, hands or face. You can purchase JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ online from or you can order JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ by phone from our dedicated customer service associates today to get a great wholesale price. Rejuvenate your patient's aging skin with JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™.

How does JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ work to improve my patient's skin appearance?

JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ is made with hyaluronic acid, a substance that is normally found within the skin. As your patients age and expose their skin to sun damage, the hyaluronic acid in their skin breaks down and is lost, leaving their skin dry, rough and wrinkled. JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ helps your patients regain that lost hyaluronic acid. When you inject JUVÉDERM® HYDRATE™ into your patient's skin, it instant

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