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Brand: SkinSeqnc

Manufacturer: SkinSeqnc
Active Substance(s): hUC-MSC Cell-Free Media
Strength: 85% hUC-MSC Cell-Free Conditioned Media Concentration
Pack Size: 1x15mL

Our cell-free conditioned media, derived from Human umbilical cord – mesenchymal stem cells (hUC-MSC) contains many cellular benefits including cytokines, interleukin-6 and vascular epidermal growth factors that are essential for enhancing fibroblast functionality, cell proliferation and regeneration. The potent “Media-Sequence” (M-SEQNC) exceeds industry standard proficiency to help improve skin damage and efficiently modulating healing.

M-SEQNC Eye Gel contains high concentrations of cell-free conditioned media derived from hUC-MSCs. Combined with continuous epidermal renewal and active complex, the M-SEQNC Eye Gel aids in rebuilding delicate skin structural layers, revealing youthfulness & radiance. Using M-SEQNC Eye Gel for post-procedure encourages faster skin recovery. It is also recommended the M-SEQNC Eye Gel should be included in any at-home skincare regimen to promote continued anti-aging repair.


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