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General Information About Pluryal Products


What is Pluryal®?

Pluryal is a brand of dermal filler gels that help to correct and treat facial wrinkles, such as marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and glabellar lines. As well, doctors use these fillers to add volume to lips. Pluryal is a solution of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate that is highly elastic. This makes Pluryal a great filler for the treatment and correction of wrinkles in their severity that may be caused by aging, smoking, exposure to the sun as well as pollution, and other irritants that may be available in the environment. It is used as a skin booster to smooth out fine lines and rejuvenate aging skin with hydration restoration.


What makes a good candidate?

Pluryal is administered to either male or female patients above the age of 18 with the purpose

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