General Information About Pluryal Products

Pluryal is a solution of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate that is highly elastic. This makes Pluryal a great filler for the treatment and correction of wrinkles in their severity that may be caused by aging, smoking, exposure to the sun as well as pollution, and other irritants that may be available in the environment. It is used as a skin booster to smooth out fine lines and rejuvenate aging skin with hydration restoration.


What makes a good candidate?

Pluryal is administered to either male or female patients above the age of 18 with the purpose of helping reverse the physical implications of aging, pollution, sun damage, and other environmental factors.

Though Pluryal is indicated to be used for any patient in need of the filler, there are some common contradictions and precautions that should be taken to ensure that the patient receives maximum effect of the product or the products does not harm the patient.

  • Do not administer to patients that are hypersensitive to sodium hyaluronate.
  • Do not inject into pregnant women.
  • Do not inject the product into breastfeeding women.
  • Do not inject product into patients that are affected by hypertrophic scarring, or have a medical history of autoimmune disease.
  • Do not administer to patients undergoing immunotherapy.
  • Do not administer Pluryal to patients who have an infection.
  • Do not administer to patients that taking anticoagulant medication
  • Do not use in combination with chemical peels, dermabrasion or laser therapy.

Areas treated with Pluryal

  • Wrinkles, lines and folds – Correct nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lip contours, and glabellar lines.
  • Cheeks – Create volume to plump the area from within.
  • Lips – Use to enhance the lips.
  • Nose – Sculpt the nose for a more refined appearance.
  • Mandibular and chin area – Redefine and tighten the jawline, or reshape the chin.
  • Backs of the hands – Restore volume to reduce signs of aging on the hands.
  • Neck and decolletage – Revitalize the skin on the neck and decollete.

Pluryal fillers have various indications, depending on the solution, which work to hydrate and revitalize the skin or to smooth out lines and wrinkles.

How does Pluryal work?

Hyaluronic acid tends to hold moisture, which in turn increases the tissue size and volume. Pluryal works by adding volume under the skin, which adds support and structure to smooth out the complexion. This is a great way to combat to volume loss and to sculpt areas of the chin, lips or nose. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid also ensures a longer duration of effects before being broken down and absorbed into the body.


Treatment details

Pluryal should only be administered by qualified medical practitioners. Pluryal comes with an ergonomically-designed syringe that many dermatologists prefer over other dermal filler injectables. The administration of this product involves the following procedures:

  • Disinfect the treatment site. Avoid compounds of quaternary ammonium or solutions of benzalkonium chloride;
  • Attach needle to syringe, then inject the product into the mid to deep dermal tissues;
  • Gently massage the injected site to ensure even distribution of the sodium hyaluronate gel.

The treatment lasts for around 15 to 30 minutes. Advise your patient of the side effects. If any side effects persist, your client should reach out for immediate medical attention.


How long does Pluryal last?

The results of the administration will vary depending on the treatment type. The duration of the effects can range between 2 to 16 months.

Safety information

The main ingredient in the filler is derived from non-animal sources, and are very well-tolerated.

Some common side effects likely to be experienced by patients are as follows:

  • Tenderness, itchiness, discomfort, and redness of the injected site;
  • Discoloration, nodules or lumps, indurations (hardened masses) at the injection site;
  • In rare cases, hyaluronic acid injections may cause granulomas, abscess, glabellar necrosis, or hypersensitivity.

These side effects usually clear up within a few days. If any rare side effects occur, have your client contact you.

Recovery time

There is no recovery time associated with this type of treatment. Patients are able to resume their daily routine immediately. However, patients should exercise the following precautions:

The patient should avoid make up for the next 12 hours after the injection;

Advise the patient to avoid prolonged sun exposure or extreme temperatures like saunas.

Cost of Pluryal

The average cost of Pluryal is around $300. Ultimately, you can determine the cost of this treatment in your clinic.

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