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EarFold is essentially a thin metal alloy strip coated with a layer of 24-carat gold. The composition of this alloy, nickel and titanium, allows the device enhanced elasticity and shape memory, allowing it to fold and reshape the antihelical fold of the ear to minimize the prominence of the ear.

The procedure to implant Earfold is simply 20 minutes. The procedure starts with planning the position of the implant. This can be gauged with Prefold positioners. After deciding on the shape and position, Earfold is implanted into a subcutaneous/subperichondrial pocket created by making an incision. The implant instantly reshapes the anterior surface of the cartilage. The incision is closed with a single suture, and the wound is dressed. After treatment, results are permanent with time as the cartilage remodels according to the shape of the implant. Earfold is appropriate for use in both children as young as 7 and in adults.

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