closeup of a woman getting a chemical peel treatment
Best Chemical Peels: Our Top Picks

The notion of chemical peels might not initially entice you due to potential facial redness and sensitivity. Yet, these peels are a potent solution against hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. As lasers edge out deep peels, the global trend leans...

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woman smiling while applying a skincare product on her cheek
Fall Skin Care: Routines and Tips for Radiant Skin

Transitioning between seasons always necessitates adjustments in our skin care routine, as the skin must adapt to changing environmental conditions. Autumn marks a transitional period during which the skin, accustomed to the summer warmth, must acclimate to the brisk winds,...

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young woman applying a skincare product
Preventive Aging Treatments for People in Their Early 20s

Aesthetic medicine has witnessed a remarkable surge in demand among younger millennials and Generation Z in or entering their 20s. These demographics exhibit unique characteristics and preferences regarding their appearance and are already concerned about how to look younger in...

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a woman examining her face after a skin lift treatment
Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Methods

Skin naturally loses elasticity with age as the body’s collagen and elastin production slows down, leading to sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines. In the past, only surgical methods could deal with such problems, but nowadays, non-invasive skin tightening treatments can...

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woman getting a skin booster injection
Incorporating Skin Boosters into Your Medical Aesthetics Toolkit

Over the years, the aesthetics industry has been constantly evolving, introducing new tools for rejuvenation and trying to combat the human aging process. It all began with Botox in 1950, which gained peak popularity in the 1990s after its official...

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woman massaging her cheek
What Is ZO Growth Factor Serum and How to Use It

Facial serums containing growth factors have their roots in the pharmaceutical industry and are renowned for their remarkable effectiveness in skincare. They are considered an essential component of a comprehensive skincare routine. Epidermal growth factor, a prominent component in anti-aging...

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DNA Skin Care Testing
Skin DNA Testing: Advanced Skin Care Approach

In the quest for healthy and youthful skin, advances in science and technology have opened up new possibilities for personalized skin care. One such innovation is DNA testing specifically designed for skin care purposes. It is a cutting-edge approach that...

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what is a hair filler md
What Is a Hair Filler?

Gorgeous hair is not a fashion or a passing trend but an all-time beauty standard. It is not only facial features that make a person beautiful but also healthy, well-groomed locks. Shiny, flowing locks are an integral part of a...

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