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10+ Fascinating Medical Spa Industry Statistics
For millions worldwide, medical spas have become part of their routine, like visiting a dentist. As a result, there have been massive changes in the med spa and wellness industries. Nowadays, people prefer to get their facelifts and other non-invasive procedures done in medical spas. Going into 2023, every med spa owner and medical professional needs to know these essential medical spa industry statistics. Size and Growth of the Industry The industry of medical spas is experiencing its peak period right now. After its humble beginnings in the 1990s, the popularity of med spas and treatments provided at these locations has skyrocketed in the past decade. So, let’s examine the market size, its growth in the US, and the revenue this industry generates. The global medical spa market is valued at $16.4 billion. (Grand View Research) The medical spa industry statistics for 2023 reveal that the value of this market is at an all-time high. Consumers are aware of wellness trends an [Read more]
Botox for Men: Benefits and Side Effects
Cosmetology has long since ceased to be a woman's service field solely. And no wonder the popularity of Botox among men increased: men also want to correct signs of aging, eliminate skin imperfections and be attractive to themselves and others. It's no secret that even in business cases, it's essential to have some chemistry between people, not to mention regular communication. And minor cosmetic adjustments greatly help with this - such as botulinum therapy for men, and that is why men are using Botox. Yes, men's skin is different from women's - it is thicker, so the aging process comes slower. But, as a rule, men's skin signs of aging appear sharply and relatively concentrated. We use Botulinum therapy for men to remove wrinkles and correct other imperfections. The Science of Botox Botox is a medication based on botulinum neurotoxin type A, produced by Allergan (USA). This word is also used to refer to all its analogs. Botox binds to the nerve endings that release acetylcholine w [Read more]
Lip Filler Migration: Causes and Prevention Tips
Disclaimer: Only trained professionals should perform dermal filler injections to the lips to avoid risks to the patient's health. Lip dermal fillers can only be sold to certified aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, or special beauty clinics. Lip augmentation with fillers is one of the most popular non-surgical procedures worldwide. The main aim of dermal lip fillers is to add volume and elasticity and smooth out wrinkles. Fillers help eliminate asymmetry, align the lip contours, make lips plumper, and raise drooping corners. Modern fillers are based on collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium. The lips gain the desired shape and volume less than an hour after the filler injection. Depending on the chosen filler, the desired effect lasts six months to three years. Lip fillers are divided into two categories: permanent, which do not dissolve, and biodegradable fillers, which dissolve over time. Permanent fillers were commonplace when the world started doing aesthetic injection pro [Read more]
Comparing Botox and Fillers: Which Treatment is Right for Your Patients?
Botox and fillers are two of cosmetic medicine's most popular non-surgical treatments for reducing signs of aging.  As a medical professional, it is crucial to understand the similarities and differences between these treatments to ensure that patients receive the best possible care.  This article will compare dermal fillers vs. Botox, exploring their uses, treatment process, and potential side effects. What is Botox? Sometimes patients ask: is Botox a dermal filler? The answer is: no. Botox (short for Botulinum toxin) is a neurotoxin protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.  It is a medication commonly used for medical and cosmetic purposes, such as treating muscle spasticity, reducing wrinkles, and preventing excessive sweating. Botox blocks nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, leading to temporary muscle paralysis. When injected into a specific muscle, it prevents that muscle from contracting; and thus reduces or prevents wrinkles, fine [Read more]
How To Buy Dermal Fillers Online Safely And Profitably - Full Guide
Disclaimer: All dermal fillers on this website are specifically for professional use and can only be sold to aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, and licensed aesthetic clinics. Unprofessional independent use of the product may harm your health. Introduction - Why Are Dermal Fillers So Popular? Injectable dermal fillers, typically composed of gel-like substances that mimic dermal tissues, are a correction treatment administered through injections. They are often used in non-surgical facial contouring as a viable alternative to invasive surgery and other hardware procedures for anti-aging therapy. Injectable fillers cause less physical damage and produce more instantaneous results than other treatment options.  In just one or two treatment appointments, fillers will help correct aesthetic problems and age-related degradation on the skin of the face and body with minimal risk to the patient's health. The main active substances in biodegradable fillers are active ingredients [Read more]
The Most Popular Dermal Fillers for Lips in 2023 You Should Have at Your Clinic
Disclaimer We discourage any non-professional and non-certified usage by patients or beauty specialists. All dermal fillers have to be injected exclusively by a registered medical practitioner to avoid possible side effects. Introduction Dermal filler market, according to Fortune magazine, is projected to grow from USD 5.31 Billion in 2022 to USD 8.74 billion in 2029. Harper Bazaar magazine explains this growth with a high social demand for esthetic cosmetology - they say, now a trend is almost at its peak but still growing.  Among the broad range of dermal fillers, the lip fillers market is expected to reach USD 2.97 billion by 2030, making it approximately one-third of the global filler market. The demand for lip augmentation continues to grow: in the USA in 2021, more than 2 million patients addressed the clinics for this procedure.  To meet the client's requirements and be ready for the growing demand for lip injections, clinics and individual medical professionals s [Read more]
Comparing Neurotoxins: Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin
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How Do Neurotoxins Work? Neurotoxins are a group of substances that destroy nerve tissue. They paralyze the ability of nerve cells (neurons) to transfer signals via the synapses. As a result of neurotoxins intoxication, a human being loses control of the body parts, and can even die. Neurotoxins are very dangerous for humans in high concentrations. The most frequently used neurotoxin is alcohol. However, in small doses neurotoxins can be used to help. For example, a microdose of neurotoxin can relax a muscle spasm and calm down the migraine. In the beauty industry, people use microdoses of botulotoxin. With age, people have got wrinkles on the moving parts of the face: near the external eye corner, between and above the eyebrows, and so on. Underskin injections of botulotoxin paralyze the facial muscles, they stop moving and the wrinkles get smoother, and the face looks younger. What Do Winkle Relaxers Have in Common? There are several popular wrinkle relaxer brands on the market. T [Read more]
facial dermal fillers
Dermal fillers are the hit on the beauty market in 2022. The gel with natural or biodegradable substances is injected under the skin on the face and other body parts. In this way, a filler pumps the skin, gives a younger look, fixes the asymmetry, and increases self-confidence. In this article, you will find the most popular procedures with dermal fillers, types of the fillers by the active substance, the best dermal filler brands in 2022, and the list of frequent side effects. Types of Dermal Fillers for Face All dermal fillers for the face are synthetic substances that bind water under the skin, stimulate natural collagen production, and plump the skin around the injection spot. The best dermal filler types are: Hyaluronic acid (HA) Hyaluronic acid occurs in the human body and the bodies of animals naturally. This substance is an essential part of the natural hydration cycle. It keeps moisture in body tissues. However, with age, the natural production decreases, and the body tiss [Read more]
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