KN95 Disposable Mask (50 Pieces)

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Pack Size: 50 piece(s)

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What is a KN95 face mask?

A KN95 face mask is a four-layer respirator mask that fits tightly around the mouth and nose that can effectively filter 95% of all air particulates, including coronavirus, bacteria, germs, pollution, dust, pollen, smoke, allergies, ash and PM 2.5.

These masks are non-toxic, non-irritating and fabric based. KN95 masks are not intended for medical use.

What are the features of KN95 face masks?

  • Filtration efficiency: ≥95%. Proven and tested to filter 95% of airborne microbial and inert particles.

  • Execution standard: GB2626-2006 KN95. Proven to pass safety and health regulatory standards in the world.

  • High quality material: outer layer is non-woven fabric. Filtration layers are made up of melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration material.

  • Key functions: KN95 face masks can provide comfortable breathing protection, high quality filtration, smooth ventilation, and effective protection against COVID-19 and other air contaminants. These masks offer maximum breathability and are proven to effectively prevent wearer from expelling microbes, bacteria, viruses, to the environment.

How does this product work?

The KN95 face mask has four layers. The outermost layer absorbs unwanted moisture. The innermost layer stores residual moisture from the wearer to keep it from expelling to the environment. The electrostatic filter layer blocks at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) test particles. The inner meltblown activated carbon filter layer increases filtration efficiency for dust, pollen, gases, odors and effectively separates PM2.5 fine particles and bacteria.

What are KN95 face masks made of?

  • High-quality non-woven fabric
  • Electrostatic fabric filter
  • Meltblown activated carbon filter

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do KN95 face masks last?

  • KN95 face masks should be worn for a maximum of eight hours and replaced regularly.

What are some important safety tips to follow when using this product?

  • KN95 face masks must be worn and adjusted correctly in order to achieve comprehensive protection.
  • Discard mask after close contact with an infected person or an area co-infected with infectious disease. Discard masks contaminated with blood, respiratory, and nasal secretions, and other bodily fluids.

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