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Category: Cosmetic Injectables
Manufacturer: Merz Pharma
Model: 1 vial
Active ingredient: botulinum toxin type a
Country of origin: Europe

A stroke can have devastating consequences. Even if a patient does not die, they may end up with debilitating neurological effects ranging from loss of speech to loss of inhibitions to loss of movement. A stroke victim can find themselves paralyzed or partially paralyzed, or even with uncontrollable muscle spasms. Some patients never recover from a stroke, and others do, but how? Often patients can only recover from a stroke after a long road to recovery through intensive physiotherapy, and often the only way they can cope with stroke symptoms is through medication.

So where does Xeomin come in? Xeomin can help a subset of stroke patients that have spasticity in their upper arm. What is spasticity? It means that the patient's muscles stiffen and involuntarily spasm. This can be an embarrassing symptom for a patient recovering from a stroke and it can also make life quite difficult. With a limited range of motion in their arm and unpredictable movements, stroke patients can have trouble performing daily tasks like pouring or drinking juice, using tools and appliances, or even getting dressed. Who would want to live like that as an independent adult? Luckily, Xeomin is one option your stroke patients have to regain their independence and improve their quality of life.

Why does Xeomin help stroke victims? Xeomin is a neurotoxin, made from botulinum toxin type A. In high doses, botulinum toxin can cause the disease botulism, but in low doses, it can target a particular muscle. When you inject Xeomin into the muscles of your patient's upper arm, it paralyzes the particular muscles by blocking the nerve signals. Since the muscles are no longer getting the signal to contract, they stop involuntarily twitching and they relax. Your patient can go from jerky, unpredictable, stiff movements to normal arm movement again after a Xeomin injection. Your patient will be happy to purchase a Xeomin treatment from you when they realize it can give them back their independence and their quality of life.

When else is Xeomin useful in your medical clinic? Xeomin's muscle relaxing properties make it an effective treatment for a range of muscular and neurological conditions. For example, when you inject Xeomin near your patient's eye, you can help correct their blepharospasm. In this medical condition, your patient's eye muscle spasms so that their eyelid does not stay open. Xeomin helps control the muscle spasms, giving your patient normal eyelid movement again. You can also use Xeomin to treat cervical dystonia, also known as spasmodic torticollis, where spasms in your patient's neck muscles tilt their head into an abnormal position. Xeomin treats this condition as well by relaxing your patient's muscles.

Xeomin is also a popular treatment for wrinkle correction. Like the brand name Botox, Xeomin relaxes wrinkles on your patient's forehead by blocking nerve signals. When your patient is no longer moving or clenching their muscles, their skin smooths out again, giving it a smoother, younger look.

From medical conditions to cosmetic improvements, Xeomin is a helpful product to have in your medical clinic. If you are a licensed medical practitioner, you can buy wholesale Xeomin from Medica Depot. When you purchase Xeomin for your clinic, you can help your patients look and feel better, whether they have a disease, are recovering from trauma, or have mature skin. Order Xeomin today and have it ready when your patients come to you for help.

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