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Making Treatments More Comfortable for Yourself

2014-04-09 12:25

When Carpal Tunnel Syndrome hit the news in the eighties, there was growing concern about how typing on a keyboard all day could cause discomfort and injury over time. However, the same is true of any work that keeps your hands in an unnatural position constantly or repetitively. This can even be a problem for doctors like yourself as well as your staff as you constantly use syringes throughout the day.

Some days are more relaxed, but other days you may feel like you are being run off your feet. You may have dermal filler treatments booked one after the other, and after a while, your hands may start to stiffen and cramp from constantly gripping a syringe. If your hands are not feeling their best, it is hard for you to give your best quality treatments. But what can you do about this problem?

The most obvious solution may be hard for you to implement: take a rest. Although you want to make sure you get to all your patients and want to let them leave your clinic at a reasonable time, your health is important too. For your own sake and your patients' sake, you should be in tip-top condition when performing cosmetic treatments. Take that coffee break in between patients, and most importantly, don't overdo it. Make sure your clinic's receptionist knows that it is important to put breaks in your schedule even if you are flooded with clients.

Another thing you can do to make cosmetic treatments more comfortable for yourself is to use an innovative new pen-style injector instead of a traditional syringe. Although only a small handful of products are available in this form so far, hopefully more dermal fillers will be available in a pen injector in the future.

Injector pens are most common for insulin injections. These pen injectors make it much easier for patients to give themselves injections and to give themselves the correct dosage. Q-Med drew on this idea when it created its Injector for two of its products, Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light, which are both available in its Injector format. Q-Med picked these two particular products because they involve the highest number of repetitive injections. Because a regular Restylane injection for a wrinkle only involves a few injections into one area, you may be able to handle using the regular syringe. However, skinboosters like Restylane Vital involve injecting a small amount of Restylane Vital across a larger area of the face. This is so that the Restylane Vital can spread evenly throughout your patient's skin, hydrating and smoothing a large surface area. Using Restylane Vital to treat your patients used to involve repeatedly making precise injections a hundred times or more, which could be hard on your hands after a while.

The Restylane Vital Injector makes life easier for you in two ways. First, the Injector is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably within your hand. The Restylane Vital Injector is easier to grip over long periods of time than a regular syringe, which means your hands will not get as cramped after a hundred injection in a row. Second, the Restylane Vital Injector releases pre-measured amounts of Restylane Vital at a time. Instead of concentrating on how much skinbooster you are injecting, you can concentrate instead on making your injections at just the right place for maximum effectiveness on your patient's face.

If you have pre-existing hand pain or you just want to make things easier for yourself, you may want to give the Restylane Vital Injector a try. The innovative, comfortable design just may be what you have been waiting for.

You can buy Restylane Vital Injector from Medica Depot.

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